Summer 2018 Graduation will be Saturday, August 4. There will be one service at 10 a.m. for all graduates. The ceremony will take place in the Rosemary and Harry Crisp II Arena which is located in the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment at 101 Wildcat Lane. Please contact the registrar of your program for additional information.

At a glance here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your big day:

  • Graduate parking is available at the football stadium, adjacent to the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment.
  • Graduate entrance and dressing area will be designated by signs.  Each College will line up in a specific area and will come together for the processional.
  • Graduate entrance is through the main doors of the arena.
  • Family and guest entrance is the main building entrance to the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment.  Guest seating,  in the GYM,  begins one hour prior to the service.
  • In the event of an overflow crowd, the ceremony will be broadcast throughout the building.
  • Lineup is one hour prior to Commencement. If you aren’t present for the lineup roll call, there is a risk that your name will not be called from the stage. 
  • Photographers will be on hand to ‘capture the moment’ and for individual portraits. Information about this is below.

Shirley Nanney Photo will be set up for cap and gown photos in the line up area and will be set up in the lobby of the Vera Low Center after graduation for cap and gown and family photos. 

The following packages will be available: 

Package A      Package B            Package C 

2-5x7              1-8x10                  1-8x10

4 wallets         1-5x7                    2-5x7                           

                      4 wallets               8 wallets 

$15.00            $20.00                  $28.00 

Photos must be ordered and paid for when made. Prices include tax and mailing. Any questions call, Ray or Shirley Nanney at 352-5473. 

***Each graduate is photographed receiving his or her diploma.  Wayne Holmes Photography will mail a free proof and order information to each graduate for whom we have a home mailing address. If you have questions related to this, contact Wayne Holmes at


General Information

·Graduation is dependent upon completion of all academic requirements as stated in the Bethel catalog.

·Work closely with your academic advisor and the Registrar to ensure that you have met all academic requirements for graduation.


·Contact the Business Office to make arrangements for final payments on your account. Accounts must be paid in full by noon on Wednesday, August 1st. Students who fail to meet this deadline, and who have outstanding balances, will not be allowed to participate in commencement exercises. You will then need to reapply for the next graduation.

Graduation Applications can be submitted through the GRADUATION APPLICATION BUTTON on your student portal. Please follow the instructions on the portal.  If you have any questions, you may contact the University Registrar, Ms. Becky Hames at


       You will receive a diploma scroll during graduation; however, your actual diploma will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after graduation of the date of your conferral, whichever comes first. If you should have any address changes, be sure to let the University Registrar know so there will be no delay in your receiving your diploma.

Deadlines to Apply for Graduation

·August Graduation – Deadline to apply is June 6th


          Ladies should wear dark clothing with dark shoes. The mortar board sits straight across the head (not tilted) with the tassel on the right for undergraduate students and on the left for graduate students. If you receive a white collar with the regalia, it should be worn. Gentlemen should wear dark slacks, white shirt and dark shoes.

Academic Regalia

Please note that students will not be allowed to wear/display anything that is not a part of the official academic regalia. If you will be graduating with honors, you will receive a gold cord to be worn on commencement day. This cord will be given to you at graduation. 

Academic regalia is a vital and important part of the graduation ceremony.  This academic tradition traces its origin to the Middle Ages and continues to provide a meaningful continuity with our educational roots.  Academic regalia consists of gown, cap, and tassel; a hood is also part of the regalia for those receiving graduate (MAEd, MAT, MBA, MSCJ, PA) degrees. Graduates will be responsible for ordering their own regalia. You may order your regalia from Balfour by visiting their website

**PLEASE NOTE** Decorations on mortar boards are not permitted and stoles that are not a part of the official regalia may not be worn visibly until after the president gives the direction to move the tassel during the graduation ceremony.

General Graduation Etiquette Information: 


Graduation from college is an event which comes only once, or twice in a lifetime. The graduation ceremony is to acknowledge both the efforts of the student and the community, through their support in providing education. It is a time to allow family, friends, and the community to share in students’ achievements. Students, as well as parents, relatives and friends, deserve a graduation ceremony that is dignified and memorable. The actual graduation ceremony will take about two hours. During that time, it is expected that the students and their guests will act in a mature manner. Any behavior which detracts from the dignity of the ceremony will result in the exclusion of that student and their guests from the ceremony. Each graduate will have family and friends in the audience of approximately 3,000 people. Many will have traveled a great distance to be there. Inappropriate, disruptive behavior can mar the entire ceremony and detract from the enjoyment of the graduates and their guests.