Under the general direction of the Director of the Department of Nursing, the faculty in the Department of Nursing will be responsible for facilitation of the education of nursing students.  The faculty member will assume primary responsibility for curriculum development, implementation of the curriculum and evaluating student learning outcomes for specific nursing courses.  Responsibilities include utilize a model of student-driven education by guiding individual development of students; collaborate with students to develop learning experiences and create an environment that focuses on learning; design curricula that are dynamic, flexible, and meet the needs of diverse student populations; focus on learning outcomes and accountability of student learning and program outcomes; participate in recruitment and advisement of students interested in the nursing program; maintain clinical and teaching competence; serve as a role model of professional nursing for students and colleagues; maintain appropriate professional affiliations; participate in community and Bethel University activites to promote nursing; participate in program evaluation and accreditation activities; and maintain professional, legal and ethical standards for the practice of nursing.  Master's degree in Nursing with clinical proficiency in assigned area required along with current licensure in Tennessee.