Can I buy a copy of Microsoft Office from the Helpdesk?

If you need an additional copy of Office 365, Students and Educatiors can download it for free from the Microsoft website using their Bethel email address. For more information visit the Microsoft Office 365 Education website.


Frequently Asked Questions

My computer was stolen. What do I do?

Report the theft immediately to the following: Campus Security (352-4222) and the local police (352-2265). Be sure to have your copy of your computer contract available for reporting purposes, it lists your laptop serial number.

How much should I insure the laptop for? What other information do I need to provide my insurance company?

The IT department recommends that you insure the laptop for no less than $600. This would cover most repairs and replacement of the laptop if stolen. Your insurance company may also request the model and serial #.

I think I have a virus on my computer. How do I clean it?

AVAST software is preinstalled on your laptop.  This software must be installed on every system that accesses our on campus network.  Updated virus definition files are sent out by the network periodically. Be sure to completely scan your computer to clean the virus off your computer. If unsuccessful, bring your laptop to the helpdesk for further assistance with virus detection and removal. Be sure to back up your files before bringing your laptop to the helpdesk. If a reimage is required, the helpdesk is not responsible for backing up your system.

Can I connect my own printer to the laptop?

Students are encouraged to connect their own printers for the convenience of printing in their dorm room.

Can I download music, movies and games and share them on the network?

In order to conserve network resources and because of the legality of copyright issues, we do not allow the sharing and/or distribution of music, movie or game files on our network.

Can I install my favorite game on my laptop?

Most any general use software can be installed on the laptop if you own a legal licensed copy of it. Be sure to check system requirements before doing so. More sophisticated software should be pre-approved by a member of the IT Department to verify compatibility.

Can I upgrade to a different version of Windows?

The software licensed by Bethel University that is preinstalled on the laptop should not be upgraded. This is to ensure compatibility with the faculty’s and staff’s software.  Students will be notified if software upgrades are necessary.

What does reimaging a laptop mean?

The IT department frequently needs to reimage a laptop to fix software related problems. This means that your computer will be completely erased and returned to the same state it was in when issued to you. If you have a virus that can’t be cleaned or have downloaded a program or file that continually produces errors, you may also request a reimage. It is your responsibility to have any files you wish to keep saved to another source first.


Remember the following:

Do keep your laptop secured at all times

Do carry your laptop in a carrying-case designed for a laptop

Do unplug the Network card cable from the wall jack when not in use to prevent a power surge.  Unplug the system from the wall when a storm is approaching.

Do backup your work often onto methods of reliable data storage.

Do NOT eat or drink around your laptop

Do NOT loan your laptop to anyone! You are responsible for any damage to your computer

Do NOT attempt to disassemble the laptop, remove or access any components (e.g. network card; hard drive)

Do NOT drop, throw, pitch, slide or chunk your laptop (a fall of even a few inches can damage your laptop)

Do NOT scratch, twist, hit or push the display surface

Do NOT turn on a wet laptop

Do NOT use detergents, glass cleaner, alcohol or ammonia to clean your computer

Do NOT leave your laptop in extreme cold or heat

Do NOT set anything on top of your laptop