The Log Cabin Society was established by the Board of Trustees of Bethel in 1980 to recognize those who have generously included the college in their planned giving programs. Since that time, hundreds of Log Cabin members have chosen to include Bethel in their wills, in a living trust, made arrangements for a life estate contract or a gift annuity, or made Bethel the beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy.

The Log Cabin Society, through publications, membership lists, and through plaques designed for public display, recognizes those persons and organizations which choose to commit assets to Bethel University in support of its future and its mission.

The primary requirement for membership in the Log Cabin Society is to furnish Bethel evidence, e.g., a copy of that portion of the planned giving instrument that pertains to Bethel University, of your intent.

We encourage you to contact the Office of Development at 731-352-4044 or 731-410-3023 to discuss procedures and strategies, and to determine the nature of the commitment and the degree of confidentiality to be placed upon it.


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