Big Financial Aid Changes Coming This Weekend -- Please read!

Starting with the 17/18 year students are able to file the FAFSA BEFORE January 1.  You can now file the FAFSA for the 17/18 year beginning October 1, 2016.  That is this Saturday!!!!    Another big change is that you will use prior-prior year tax information instead of the prior year information.  SO, for 17/18 you will be using 2015 tax information (the same tax information used for the 16/17 FAFSA). 

 Since students and parents have already completed their 2015 tax return, we urge you to use the IRS DRT (data retrieval tool) on the FAFSA to automatically import your tax information into the FAFSA.

Tennessee residents:  The 17/18 priority deadline for TN Grant and TN Promise is January 17, 2017.   File your FAFSA early so you don't miss out!

Posted by Jennifer Glass at 10:15 AM