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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The six seeds for the semifinals are set in the 2018 SSAC Mascot Challenge, with Claws and Rowdy comfortably sitting in the top two slots. The next round will take place Feb. 13-16 with 24-hour Twitter Polls on Twitter (@SSACsports) and 24-hour poll stickers on Instagram stories (@SSACsports).

Round One Results

Two mascots were eliminated in the first round of voting on Facebook, and the remaining six mascots were seeded based on number of 'likes'.

1. Claws (Bethel) – 187
2. Rowdy (Martin Methodist) – 143
3. Mac (Mobile) – 76
4. Rage (Dalton State) – 49
5. Topper the Ram (Blue Mountain) – 37
6. Duke (Middle Georgia) – 37

* Topper wins the tiebreaker over Duke due to having more shares during the Facebook voting

Remaining Schedule

Feb. 13-16 Semifinal Round on Twitter (@SSACsports) and Instagram (@SSACsports)

Feb. 13-14: #1 Claws (Bethel) v. #6 Duke (Middle Georgia)
Feb. 14-15: #2 Rowdy (Martin Methodist) v. #5 Topper the Ram (Blue Mountain)
Feb. 15-16: #3 Mac (Mobile) v. #4 Rage (Dalton State)

Each matchup will be decided by a Twitter Poll (@SSACsports) and a poll sticker on Instagram Stories (@SSACsports) for 24 hours, starting at 9 a.m. CST.

Feb. 20-22 Final Round on Facebook and Twitter

Three mascots will advance to the final round, which will take place over 48 hours on Facebook and Twitter. Voting will be the same as previous rounds, using 'likes' on Facebook and a Twitter Poll.

Vote For Claws

Vote For Claws

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