Laddie Lollar Symposium for Human Rights

This is the week for the Laddie Lollar Symposium for Human Rights.  This event, named in memory of long time BU Psychology professor Dr. Laddie Lollar, has been revived this year.  It is a two night event:


1.  Tuesday, October 23 (tomorrow) at 6:30 in Ayers Lecture Hall we are screening "Finding Oscar," produced by Steven Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation.  This documentary chronicles the search for a young boy named Oscar whose village was massacred in the Guatemalan civil war.  

2.  Wednesday, October 24, at 6:30 in Ayers Lecture Hall is the featured speaker Mr. Fredy Peccerilli, Executive Director of the Guatamalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation.  Mr. Peccerilli is a forensic anthropologist who identifies the remains of people who went "missing" during the Guatemalan civil war to provide evidence of genocide and answers to family members still looking for relatives.  Mr. Peccerilli and his team are heavily featured in the documentary. 

These events are free and open to the public, however some people may find the images and material disturbing.  This event is sponsored by the Division of Social Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences.