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Bethel University Insurance 2015-2016

 Due to the vast array of classroom and extra-curricular activities associated with the McKenzie campuses, it is Bethel University's policy that ALL fulltime undergraduate students attending the College of Arts and Sciences and/or the College of Health Sciences must have valid health insurance.

 If you Already Have valid active insurance, you MUST:

 If you Do NOT Have valid active insurance, you MUST

  • Go online to opt out of Bethel's insurance plan by August 24, 2015

  • Go to Summit America's site to opt out

    • You will need your whole student ID number to opt out

    • You will receive a confirmation number when you opt out.

    • Print the confirmation number for proof

  • If you do not opt out, you will be charged $1,647 for insurance coverage

  •  If you wish to accept the insurance, do nothing and it will be charged to you

  • Cost for insurance is $1,647/year

  • Cost must be paid in full prior to classes starting on August 17, 2015

  • Hernia is covered under this policy for the 2015-2016 school year

  • Show an active insurance card and your confirmation number to the insurance coordinator on campus

  • Preventative services now cover medicine for breast cancer risk reduction.

  • All individuals will be required to provide evidence of health insurance on 2015 federal tax returns.

  • The benefit for sports has been increased

 If you have any questions concerning the insurance or want to turn in your card, email insurance@bethelu.edu. You can also bring your card to Health Services. It is the first portable building behind the football field.REMEMBER, if you do not opt out BEFORE August 24, 2015, you will be charged for insurance!This applies to Traditional Undergraduates ONLY