PA Program Application/Acceptance

Application and Acceptance Application Procedure

You must complete a CASPA application, along with a supplemental application and fee, to the PA program. CASPA will begin accepting applications in April of each year. You must complete your CASPA application by September 1 of the year prior to matriculation. All materials should be received by our program on or before October 1 of the year prior to matriculation. If your application is received after October 1, your application may not be reviewed.

CASPA application forms may be requested from (Central Application Service for Physician Assistants) or by calling CASPA at (617) 612-2080. Click here for Supplemental Application Form

Acceptance The accelerated nature of the graduate-level curriculum offered by Bethel University College of Health Sciences for students enrolled in the PA Program requires that applicants seeking admission provide adequate evidence of their ability to undertake an advanced course of study. When evaluating an applicant's readiness to matriculate in the PA Program, members of the admissions committee consider closely all information available with particular attention to the following elements:

1. Academic achievement
2. Science and overall grade point average
3. Scores received on the Graduate Record Examination
4. Responses to questions contained in the application
5. Letters of recommendation
6. Leadership experience
7. Community service experience
8. Interpersonal and communication skills
9. Compassion
10. Personal integrity
11. Motivation for a career in health care
12. Recommendations of faculty interviewers

Each of these qualities is viewed as essential to support the development of a physician assistant.

Acceptance into our program is very competitive. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the admission committee. Following the interview, candidates are evaluated by the admission committee to assess their acceptability to the program. The applicant who has been accepted to the Program will be notified of the interview team’s decision within 2 weeks of interview.

Applicants offered a seat in the next matriculating class are expected to acknowledge acceptance within 10 business days of notification and forward a signed acceptance letter and a non-refundable acceptance deposit of $1000 to hold a seat in the class.
This deposit is applied to tuition and is non-refundable. Exceptions are considered on an individual basis. All others are placed on an alternate list unless interview deems them unqualified for potential placement in our program.

A new student packet will be mailed to your home for your review and completion and must be returned to the Program by the date specified in the packet.
Acceptance into the Bethel University PA Program is contingent upon:

1. Completion of all application requirements.
2. Successful completion of all outstanding prerequisite coursework.
3. Attended a personal interview. (By invitation only)
4. Receipt of acceptance letter and non-refundable acceptance deposit.
5. Proof of health insurance. All students are required to maintain health insurance for the duration of the program.
6. Receipt of negative drug screen and a background check indicating no prior convictions that would result in failure to obtain medical licensure.
7. Completion of physical examination and immunizations prior to matriculation.
8. No history of dismissal from another PA, medical, or nursing program for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Information Packet

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