What is the difference between a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician Assistant?

The basic differences lie in the areas of education, regulation, and the relationship with physicians.  Nurse Practitioners are taught on a nursing model with approximately 500 hours of clinical experience prior to graduation. They are trained in a specific discipline and must practice within that discipline upon graduation. Physician Assistants are taught on a medical model, much like MDs, with 2000 hours of clinical experience prior to graduation. PAs are trained in family practice but can practice within most disciplines upon graduation.  As members of the health care team, PAs and NPs aren’t better or worse than one another. They’re just different. They and various other providers are all needed to enhance the delivery of care.


When does your program begin?



How many students do you accept each year?

Maximum class size is 50


What is your average number of applicants?

We are averaging just over 300 applications a year.


How many people do you normally interview?

Usually around 90.


Who should write the letters of recommendation?

You must submit three (3) letters. Two (2) must be from an MD, PA, DO, or FNPs. One (1) can be from a college professor or advisor.


What do you mean by healthcare experience?

Healthcare experience is hands-on patient care. Working in a pharmacy is not hands-on patient care nor is working in a clinic or doctor's office entering patient information on a computer.


Can I have a bachelor's degree in anything and still apply to your program?

Although there is no specific major you must obtain to apply to our program, the majority of our students have a bachelor's degree in biology and/or chemistry.


Can I apply before receiving my bachelor's degree?

Yes, but you must complete your bachelor's before an admissions interview will be granted


Do all of my prerequisites have to be completed before I apply?

You must complete all of your prerequisites before an admissions interview will be granted. 


What is your GRE Code?



To whom do I send transcripts?

CASPA and Bethel University PA Program, 302B Tyson Avenue, Paris, TN 38242.