Parking Regulations


If you plan on having a vehicle on campus, please stop by our office located in the Vera Low Center at 101 Wildcat Lane and register your vehicle. Parking permits are free of charge.

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Parking Map

A copy of our parking map is available at the link below. You may down load and print it for your convenience.

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General Information

In order to facilitate a safe and orderly parking system at Bethel University, the Department of Safety and Security has adopted these policies which are in effect year round. The act of parking or driving a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege. All students, staff and faculty are expected to adhere to these regulations as a condition of their attendance or employment at Bethel University.

Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. Inability to find satisfactory parking does not excuse illegal parking or parking in an area that you are not designated for. Ignorance of these regulations, weather conditions, convenience, etc. is not an acceptable defense for violations. It is the responsibility of all students, staff and faculty to learn these regulations. Failure to adhere to all parking and vehicle registration regulations will result in a citation.

Bethel University bears no responsibility for the safety and protection of vehicles or its contents while parked or operated on the campus. The owner of the vehicle shall assume the responsibility for all losses and/or damages that may occur.

All staff/faculty and student vehicles parked on Bethel University controlled property are subject to search if probable cause exists. A vehicle search of this type is a campus matter, and does not require a search warrant. At least two security officers will conduct the search, and illegal items may be impounded. Campus vehicles are not exempt from search and seizure from authorized civil authorities with proper search warrants. The operator of the vehicle will be present while the search is conducted.

The maximum speed limit on campus is 20 MPH, unless posted otherwise.

Vehicle Registration

  1. All motor vehicles operated by a student, staff or faculty member on the campus of Bethel University must be registered with the Department of Safety and Security.

  2. To register for a parking permit, students, staff and faculty may visit the Security office located in the Vera Low Center. It is completely free of charge to register a vehicle.

  3. As required by State law, all motor vehicles must have a minimum of liability insurance. Valid proof of insurance must be provided upon registering the vehicle to receive a parking permit.

  4. On-campus residents receive a parking permit based on the dormitory. All residents must stop by the Security office at the beginning of each semester during ‘Check-in’ to verify their housing and then receive a parking permit.

  5. Any student that changes dormitories or moves off campus at any point during the semester must notify Security and receive an updated parking permit.

  6. Student parking permits are to be affixed to the rear windshield in the lower left corner. Vehicles with dark window tint and/or removable tops may place the parking permit on the front windshield in the lower left corner.

  7. Staff and Faculty are to hang the parking permit placard from the interior rear view mirror. Staff and Faculty members may transfer their parking permit placard between vehicles, whether permanently or temporarily, without needing to register it.

  8. All old parking permits should be removed and only the most current permit displayed.

  9. With proper documentation such as a doctor’s note, students, staff and faculty with temporary disabilities or other special circumstances may apply for a temporary parking permit. These are to be hung from the rear view mirror and are valid only on the campus.

Parking Restrictions

  1. Parking lot restrictions are enforced between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  2. Dormitory residents must keep their vehicle parked at their place of residence, or in an Open/Overflow lot and walk to class. Vehicles parked outside their designated area during the restricted parking hours are subject to being issued a citation.

  3. Staff and Faculty parking areas are designated for these individuals only and require a staff/faculty parking permit placard.

  4. Commuter lots are restricted to commuter students, staff and faculty and campus visitors only.

  5. Chick-Fil-A parking is reserved for its patrons only. Members of the community, commuter students and staff/faculty may only utilize these reserved parking spaces when dining at Chick-Fil-A. Dormitory residents are prohibited from parking here at all times.

  6. Vehicles with valid handicap plates/placard or a temporary parking permit for a temporary disability are not subject to these restrictions.

Parking Violations

Violations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Vehicle is not registered

  2. Permit not displayed, not properly affixed, or multiple permits

  3. Violating the restricted parking hours

  4. On the grass, in fire lanes, bus lanes, or ‘No Parking’ zones

  5. Parking in a visitor or reserved space

  6. Parked over the line or occupying more than one space

  7. Double parking or blocking a vehicle

  8. Blocking access to a dumpster

  9. Impeding or blocking traffic, the roadway, a sidewalk or crosswalk, access to building entrances and exits, or handicap ramp.

  10. Parking on shoulder of Bethel Court (gold posts by Odom Hall)

  11. Handicap parking without a valid plate or placard or parking in such a manner that it restricts or could reasonably restrict a disabled person from entering or exiting their vehicle while properly parked in a handicap space.

Penalties and Appeals

  1. Parking violations are $15.00, per violation.

  2. Fines are billed to student accounts and payable in the Student Billing office in the Vera Low Center.

  3. Repeat offenders of these regulations or anybody committing a single egregious offense may be referred to the Dean of Student Development for disciplinary action.

  4. Students with unpaid fines will have a hold placed on their account and will be unable to register for classes, receive transcripts or other pertinent documentation until all fines have been satisfied.

  5. Bethel University reserves the right to tow and/or place a wheel lock on any vehicle at any time at the owners’ expense for illegal parking, excessive parking violations and/or unpaid fines.

  6. Parking citations can be appealed through the Department of Safety and Security.

  7. Once a citation has been processed and fine placed on the students’ account, it cannot be removed until it has been paid.