Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity is a student organization with the longest existence at Bethel University. We bring to our campus something different than the national organizations that populate the Greek system. Throughout our history as a local organization at Bethel University, our members and our community have been enriched with our unique blend of academic, service, and social programs.

Phi Delta Sigma members participate in many activities on campus. This includes Intramural Sports, Student Government, Greek Council, Homecoming, Greek Week, Academic Groups, and Greek Activities. Brotherhood events like bowling, camping, football, and volleyball are combined to form a well-balanced social program. While Phi Delta Sigma emphasizes a strong academic program, we also are involved in many activities on campus. We strive for a balance of academic and social activities that is vital in becoming a well-rounded person.

In Phi Delta Sigma, gaining a quality education is an important goal. The brotherhood stresses the achievement of a good education and building good friendships. Brothers gather to form study groups and members offer each other the support they need to thrive throughout their college career. Phi Delta Sigma has been known to finish in the top two fraternities in overall G.P.A. at the university. The fraternity annually awards a scholarship to active members for academic achievements and involvement in the community.

Service to the community is also important to members of the Phi Delta Sigma. Individually, brothers participate in in service projects around campus, and the brotherhood sponsors cleanup on a stretch of Highway 22, on the way to Gleason. We all have a lot of fun and help keep the community clean and beautiful.

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