Curriculum (Course Map)

Courses and Descriptions


The AT course/ program fees are subject to change annually and include but are not limited to the following:

  • ATR 100 (Taping and Bracing): $50
  • ATR 245 (Clinical I): $250
  •  ATR 340 (Clinical II): $225
  •  ATR 345 (Clinical III): $225
  •  ATR 440 (Clinical IV): $300
  •  ATR 445 (Clinical V): $300
  •  COE 102 (College Orientation Experience): $75
  •  HEA 312 (First Aid): $38
  •  HEA/PED 330 (Prevention Care of Athletic Injuries): $25
  •  HSC 230 Emergency Care in Sports: $35

* Additional fees may exist throughout the program or campus. ALL undergraduate students enrolled in classes on campus are assessed a student activity fee. The fee includes events sponsored by Student Life and related administrative costs, admittance to sporting events and plays, use of the swimming pool and the health and fitness complex, and intramural activities. Some courses and/ or programs may have additional fees.