Severe Weather

In the Event of a Severe Weather Threat

Due to its location, Bethel University and the City of McKenzie is susceptible multiple types of inclement weather, especially dangerous tornadoes. Many of these tornadoes strike at night. In the event of severe weather, Bethel University has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the safety of the Bethel community. Please review the information so you know what to do should a tornado be approaching.

Should severe weather approach the campus, Security will closely track the weather as well as monitor radio traffic by the McKenzie Police Department and Carroll County Sheriff's Department.

At this time, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the shelter locations by reviewing the Quick Response Booklets located in various locations of each building as well as the floor plans located in each classroom and dorm room.

Community Shelter

The newly renovated Burroughs Learning Center (Library) has been designated as a FEMA Storm Shelter. It is capable of holding 1,800 people and is open to the public in the event of tornado producing weather.

Terms to Know and What to Do

Tornado Watch:

A Tornado Watch indicates that weather conditions are favorable for the development of a Super cell that is capable of producing a tornado. In the event a Tornado Watch is announced by the National Weather Service, an alert will be sent out to staff and students via email and social media. Activities may continue as normal, but individuals should remain alert of the changing weather conditions.

Tornado Warning:

A Tornado Warning indicates that weather radar has detected cloud rotations that are capable of forming a tornado or that a tornado has been spotted. When a Tornado Warning is announced or the City of McKenzie activates its audible warning siren, all campus activities will cease and staff and students should immediately proceed to their designated shelter area. If it's safe to do so, proceed to the basement of the Burroughs Learning Center.