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Website Redesign


Bethel has teamed up with Lewis Communications to develop our web presence from the ground up.

a user visits the new website

Meet the New

We focused on Bethel's charming spirit and were able to channel it into a new identity and sophisticated website. The foundation of the site centers around simplicity and proper categorization. And with this considerable growth, we have left a generous amount of room for the website to expand for the foreseeable future.

Search and You Shall Find

Searching for the right words to describe our new site search: easy, intuitive, mind reader. Simply enter what you're looking for and select the correct result under the relevant tab. Go ahead and give it a spin by clicking the icon in the header navigation.

a mockup of the search functionality

I Am... a Delighted User

Over the past months, we've been working together with Lewis Communications, to make our site exponentially more user-friendly and intuitive. Combine these efforts with the new look-and-feel, and we were able to create a website experience that is both visually and technologically delightful. We've considered the needs of future students, current students, faculty, and staff members. Gain a greater sense of the steps we've taken by going through the "I am..." menu for links specific to your user-type.

a mockup of the "I am..." menu

Responsively Built

Are you scrolling through our website on a smartphone or desktop? Not a problem. The design and development team at Lewis Communications has taken a “mobile-first” approach and optimized the site for any-and-all displays. By understanding and considering the limitations of each device, we now deliver a smooth and intuitive user experience no matter which platform you use.

Bethel website phone menu mockup

Accessible for All

Regardless of disability or device, we firmly believe our website needs to be accessible to every user. The new design represents a tremendous step forward in our continuous effort to give each member of the university easy access to all information on the new site.

Bethel website tablet mockup

Today Marks a Proud Moment

Months of hard work and dedication has now come to fruition. Bethel's visionary website has launched, but we will always be improving. A new path has been paved, and we're excited to reach new possibilities.