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Consumer Information for Student Athletes

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Any coeducational institution of higher education that participates in an FSA program and has an intercollegiate athletic program is required to submit an Equity in Athletics Report. It is referred to as the EADA report. The report is submitted to the Department of Education no later than October 15 of each year.

The Equity in Athletics Report for Bethel University

Completion/Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes

Annually by July 1, the school that is attended by students receiving athletically-related student aid must produce a Completion/Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes Report. Bethel University must provide the report to each prospective student-athlete and his or her parents, coaches, and counselor when an offer of athletically related student aid is made to the prospective student-athlete. 

Completion/Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes Report