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Maintenance and Support

If you're looking for maintenance assistance or technological support regarding Help Desk, Gmail, and various Google-based apps, you'll find it here.

Bethel D2 2363


To open a request for maintenance to Bethel University facilities, click below:

Maintenance Support Request

IT Help Desk

To open an IT Help Desk ticket, use the following form:

IT Support Request

General IT Help

For general IT help beyond the following categories, refer to Frequently Asked Questions below or contact the Help Desk above.

For assistance with your Wild Card, ePortal, and CAMs refer to ePortal

BU Store
The BU Store is available ON CAMPUS ONLY for students to access shared items from faculty and some software downloads. For access, type \\bustore in your Start window.

Dynamic Forms
To create a Dynamic Forms account, refer to this step-by-step form.

VPN Login
For remote VPN login, click here. When logging in, click to ignore any certificate errors, and note that the new long-distance codes work differently than the previous version. You will not be prompted for the code; you will only hear a beep. You must enter the code plus the # sign to complete your call.

Bethel Gmail

Bethel University uses the same format for all student usernames:
First initial of your first name, full last name and the last two digits of the SSN
(Example: John Smith, 123-45-6789 =

To log in to Gmail:
Quick access to your Bethel Gmail.
User Name: Your username as described above.
Password: You should change your password immediately after login for the first time.

In the interest of security, change your password every ninety (90) days. 

Tips for creating a strong password.

Computer Policy

Incoming undergraduate students must take possession of their laptops or Chromebook in their first semester. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the Bethel laptop. If you have not received your laptop or Chromebook and believe you are entitled to one, please visit the Help Desk during business hours listed below.

IT Knowledge Base

Students can complete the following modules online:

IT Department Staff

Jimmy Bomar, IT Director
Mark Kelly, Network Administrator
David Scarbrough, Application Support Administrator
Jamie Coomer, Application Support Specialist
Jarvis Northern, Helpdesk Technician
Misty Price, Helpdesk Technician
Gary Williams, Access Management

Location and Hours

The Department of Information Technology is located in the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment on the main campus of Bethel University. We maintain open helpdesk hours from 8 am-4:30 pm — Monday through Friday.

We may be reached at (731) 352-4040 or via email at