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Campbell Hall

The oldest existing building on Bethel’s campus is the main administration building, Campbell Hall. It was given to the college, along with $75,00.00 and 11 acres of land, by the City of McKenzie. It was designed by architect A. F. Lindsey and completed in 1924. At that time, it offered every facility the college needed in a single building, including classrooms, offices, laboratories, a prayer room, and an auditorium. It was named for Richard and Alice Campbell in 1983, and it now contains offices and the Lavinia Cole Chapel. Additionally, it boasts the Hall of Presidents, which displays a picture of every president of the college since its inception in 1842.

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Calling all Bethel students, alumni, and friends! Do you have any pictures of Campbell Hall? We would love to see them! Feel free to share them with us and be sure to mention when the photos were taken. If there are people in your photos, let us know who they are and, if they are Bethel alumni, their graduation class and major.

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