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Tuition Scholarship Policy

Bethel University believes that the employee is the resource that makes us successful. Our objective is to attract and retain employees who contribute to the success of Bethel University and, to the extent possible, provide employees with the opportunity to reach their full potential. We promote higher learning for our employees and encourage our employees and families to attain these educational opportunities.

The University shall provide tuition scholarships at Bethel University to all full-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children under the age of 25 for only one bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, family members of full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply for participation in the Council of Independent College (CIC) Tuition Exchange program. A list of participating schools can be found at

A dependent child must meet FAFSA requirements for being considered a dependent. The tuition scholarship will be discontinued upon the termination, resignation, or retirement of an employee. An employee and/or their eligible spouse or dependent children will be allowed to finish the current semester or term providing the semester or term has already started. Upon the change of status of a dependent child, the tuition scholarship benefit may be discontinued at the end of the current academic year.

Eligibility for the tuition scholarships begin after six months of service, and the following scholarships are available to employees, spouses, and dependents if eligibility requirements are met; 100% tuition waiver for College of Arts & Sciences and College of Professional Studies. College of Health Sciences programs are not included. Additionally, employees are eligible for a 50% tuition waiver in Business, Conflict Resolution, Criminal Justice, and Education graduate courses provided that they meet all the requirements for the program and are admitted through the regular admission process.

Employees are limited to 6 hours per semester or no more than one Professional Studies, Public Service, or University Studies module at a time. Persons receiving the scholarship must submit a signed Faculty-Staff Scholarship Application and obtain approval from the Human Resources Manager. These must be on file before any student begins class. Failure to do so will result in the employee paying for the course. Applications are available in the Human Resources Department.

A full-time employee may not neglect his or her normal working hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM) to attend classes and expect to receive the tuition scholarship.

Continuation of this benefit requires the student to maintain a “C” average and demonstrate satisfactory progress toward graduation. Students are required to apply for all Federal and State grants available; any balance remaining will then be covered by Bethel under the Tuition Scholarship benefit.

Any fees outside the standard curriculum cost of tuition/fee charges will be the responsibility of the student. Fees not covered include private lessons, cost of books, challenge exam, and portfolio review evaluation fees, and technology fees (including learning management system fees). Current fees will be applied for each semester or course, and students are advised to inquire about the fees each time they register for classes.