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Tuition Scholarship Policy

Bethel University believes that the employee is the resource that makes us successful. Our objective is to attract and retain employees who contribute to the success of Bethel University and, to the extent possible, provide employees with the opportunity to reach their full potential. We promote higher learning for our employees and encourage our employees and families to attain these educational opportunities.

We offer free or reduced tuition to yourself, spouse and children for classes taken at Bethel.

Additionally, family members of full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply for participation in the Council of Independent College (CIC) Tuition Exchange program. A list of participating schools can be found at

Eligibility for the tuition scholarships begins after six months of service and the following scholarships are available to employees, spouses, and dependents if eligibility requirements are met; 100% tuition waiver for College of Arts & Sciences and College of Professional Studies undergraduate courses.

Additionally, employees are eligible for 50% tuition waiver in Business, Criminal Justice, and Education graduate courses provided that they meet all the requirements for the program and are admitted through the regular admission process.

Details included in Employee Handbook.