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Bethel Announces Tuition Discount Initiative

Bethel Mc Kenzie Partnership

Bethel partners with McKenzie to offer tuition discount

by Bethel University

Bethel Mc Kenzie Partnership

Bethel University and the City of McKenzie have announced a partnership that will offer full-time city employees the opportunity to attend college courses at a 25% discounted tuition rate.

The joint announcement was made on Bethel’s main campus by Mayor Jill Holland, Bethel University President Walter Butler, College of Professional Studies (CPS) Vice President Kimberly Martin and Executive Vice President Wayne Scott.

The discounted rate is applicable for degree and professional certificate tracks offered through the CPS, which is home to all of Bethel’s adult degree options.

Depending on the degree, the potential lifetime value of the discount ranges from about $5,200 at the associate level to $11,200 at the bachelor’s level. MBA graduates could expect to see a savings of about $5,600.

"We're excited to welcome City of McKenzie employees into the College of Professional Studies. Our programs in CPS are designed for students who are working full time and want to complete a degree or certificate in their spare time. Students can attend class one night per week or complete their entire program of study online. We strive to make it easy for all our students to achieve their educational goals,” Martin said.

Bethel’s move to make education more affordable comes at a time when tuition rates remain at all-time highs despite an across-the-board average decline when adjusted for inflation. According to an article at, tuition rates at four-year, private institutions rose by 2.1% during the 2021-22 academic year.

CPS students have access to fully accredited degree tracks at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels and a portfolio of professional certificate offerings. Fields of study include business, criminal justice, emergency services management and liberal arts.

Students can attend classes that are 100% online, on-campus or a hybrid. In addition to its main campus in McKenzie, Bethel retains classroom space at its Jackson, Paris and Clarksville locations.

In addition to this discount for city employees, Bethel has multiple tuition payment options and boasts a full-service team of financial aid and enrollment experts to ensure that students who want to attend college can do so at an affordable cost.