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Standout Student Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams

by Bethel University

Thomas Adams

Bethel University student Thomas Adams has dedicated his life to serving “God, family, and community.” Adams is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS). He is also a motivational speaker, published author, and certified spiritual coach. From a very young age Adams felt a calling to inspire and encourage those around him. He describes his ability to motivate others as “a natural talent and gift from God.”

Adams has over 24 years of leadership experience ranging from ministerial positions to manufacturing roles. In July 2019, he released iSpeakLife, a 30-day guide that focuses primarily on repentance, positivity, faith, prosperity and purpose. Adams is active in the local community as a youth pastor for two churches in Dyersburg, Tennessee, and CEO of Thomas D. Adams (TDA) Mentoring, a non-profit organization that works with local youth. Adams enjoys nurturing and guiding children in his community. In the future, he hopes to expand his mentoring program throughout the state.

Before enrolling at Bethel University, Adams briefly attended another local university. However, he found the workload to be overwhelming with his work schedule and personal obligations. Adams was referred to CPS due to the convenience of the online format and manageable course load. Adams reflected, “Choosing to enroll at Bethel has definitely made managing my work schedule a lot easier.”

In recent months Adams has transitioned to a supervisor role at a new company. In his new role he has had the opportunity to implement leadership practices he learned through his coursework at Bethel University.

“I’m dealing with topics in my workplace that I’m learning about in my courses at Bethel,” said Adams, “The company is working to make leadership changes, so I am able to implement the information I am learning from my courses into my place of employment.”

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