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Greek Recruitment

Greek Life

Experience the fun and fulfilling experiences that Greek life has to offer. You have an opportunity to join a Greek organization during rush weeks every fall and spring semester.

a student fills out a sorority recruitment form

All Greek Meeting

If you're interested in rushing during rush week, you'll have the opportunity to meet Greek life members and learn about each group during the all Greek meeting.

The all Greek meeting will be held at 8:00 p.m. every Thursday before rush week.

For more information, including the location, go to the Greek Life page or contact Katie McGill at or 731-352-6744.

Rush Week

Rush week takes place during the fourth week of classes each fall and spring semester. The week is the process to join, or rush, a fraternity or sorority at Bethel University. The following events occur during rush week.

  • Monday: Sorority Night
  • Tuesday: Fraternity Night
  • Wednesday: Organization Planned Activity
  • Thursday: Interview Night
  • Friday: Bid Day

Get more information about the upcoming rush week by contacting Katie McGill at or 731-352-6744.


Bethel University Greek life requires that students joining fraternities or sororities must have completed the following requirements.

  • 12 completed college credit hours (not including dual enrollment)
  • Hold a GPA of 2.25 or above