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Timely Warnings

Active Warnings

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Timely Warning Policy

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act, the Department of Safety and Security is responsible for issuing timely warning notices to the campus community. Timely Warnings shall be issued in response to Clery Act crimes that have been committed on campus, or at other locations within the University’s Clery geography, that meet the criteria of posing a continuing threat to the campus community. However, not all Clery Act crimes pose a continuing threat; therefore, timely warning notices that do not meet the criteria may not always be issued.

Some reported non-Clery crimes or incidents that occur that do not meet the criteria for a timely warning may still pose a significant risk to the campus community. If deemed appropriate, the Department of Safety and Security will issue a timely warning.

The decision to issue a Timely Warning is made on a case-by-case basis, based on all the relevant facts received, the nature of the crime or incident, and/or the danger it poses the campus community.

Once the determination has been made to issue a Timely Warning, the Department of Safety and Security will develop the content of the message and initiate the notification. Announcements may be issued via, but are but not limited to: the campus email, the campus security website, as well as the Omnigo Community App.

Timely Warning Notices will typically include some or all of the following information: the date, time and location of the reported crime; a brief summary of the incident, a description of the suspect and/or vehicle, if available; and any other special instructions or safety tips to prevent similar crimes.

Anyone with information believed to warrant a timely warning should promptly report it to the Department of Safety and Security at (731) 352-4222 or the 24/7 cell at (731) 415-7599, or in person at the Security Office located in the Vera Low Center.