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Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Piercey

by Bethel University

Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Piercey

Dr. Lisa Piercey joined Governor Bill Lee’s cabinet as commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Health in February of 2019. Piercey is a board-certified child abuse pediatrician with a medical degree from East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine. After earning her medical degree, Piercey attended Bethel University’s College of Professional Studies, where she earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2009.

In her role as commissioner, Piercey is responsible for all operations of the Tennessee Department of Health. The department of health aids each county in the state of Tennessee through services such as immunizations, primary care, emergency preparedness, and outbreak investigations, among other services.

Before earning her MBA at Bethel University, Piercey worked as a general pediatrician in private practice. While she was content in her chosen career path, Piercey described herself as “searching for something.” Having grown up in a family of small business owners, Piercey recognized her interest in the marketing and business fields. Piercey chose to further her education in business at Bethel University because the program was the “most convenient” to juggle in conjunction with her busy work schedule and family responsibilities.

While completing her MBA, Piercey found that she genuinely enjoyed the business healthcare field. Her experiences led to her splitting time between the clinic and hospital so that she could continue practicing while also exploring her interest in the business realm. Ultimately, Piercey decided to pursue hospital administration fulltime after the completion of her degree. Piercey acknowledged, “The MBA program at Bethel University changed the trajectory of my career.”

Although awards are not Piercey’s motivation, she has received several throughout her career. These awards include Rural Healthcare Executive of the Year, Outstanding Woman in Business, and Reader’s Choice Best Pediatrician, among others. Piercey’sobjective for the future is to better the lives of rural Tennesseans. Piercey stated, “My goal is to do what I can and use the talents that I have been given to serve Tennesseans.”

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September 12, 2019
Ashley Webb
Director of Strategic Communication,
Bethel University College of Professional Studies