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Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Richards


A Q&A with Nursing Alumna Morgan Richards

by Bethel University


When we think of success stories coming out of Bethel University, one name that stands out is Morgan Richards. An alumna from the Department of Nursing, Morgan recently shared her story with us, highlighting her personal and professional milestones.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and when you graduated from Bethel University?
A: I am originally from McKenzie, TN. I grew up playing basketball and spending time with my family and friends. I have two brothers. I graduated from Bethel University in 2018. The same year I married my husband, Drake Richards, and began working in labor and delivery at Baptist in Union City. In the Spring of 2022 we had our sweet boy, Reed. Some of my favorite things to do are go to the lake, taking walks, spending time with my family, & reading books.

Q: What were your most memorable experiences or favorite moments at the Department of Nursing?
A: Bethel nursing department gave me some of the best friendships. There was a lot of laughing, mainly to keep from crying. Oddly, some of my favorite memories were from summer classes. My friends and I would get up and take long walks, and then lay by the pool and study all day. We also had many late nights writing notes on this giant 10X10 marker board to help us study. It seriously took up an entire wall.

Q: Can you share some of your major achievements or milestones in your professional life since graduation?
A: I have worked labor and delivery the past 5 years. I am currently our unit’s Head Nurse. I also teach as an adjunct professor for Bethel. The highlight of my career has been getting to be there as my friends welcome their babies into the world. It is such an honor to witness that special moment in someone’s life.