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Bethel Students and Faculty Work Super Bowl LVII

011923 AS Superbowl 1

Six Bethel University students and two faculty members will travel to Glendale, Arizona to work Super Bowl LVII.

by Bethel University

011923 AS Superbowl 1

This is the fourth consecutive year Bethel’s sports management program has earned the honor of working the championship sporting event, and Bethel is one of only two schools from the state attending. Josh Greer, associate professor of sports management, and Tim Wilson, assistant professor of sports management, will be accompanying the students on this experiential learning experience.

“While we were developing this program, I knew we needed to invest in our students. These hands-on experiences and networking opportunities help our students find jobs in the field after graduation,” said Greer.

The students will work in a variety of jobs throughout the weekend leading up to game day on Feb. 12 to learn what it takes to put together such a large scale sporting event. Hayden Thomas, senior sports management major from Qulin, Missouri, states that no matter what area of the event they may be working, there will be many opportunities to network with professionals in the field.

“You never know who you could be talking to at these events… one may be your future boss,” Thomas said.

Other students attending the event include Nicklaus Romero, from Coldspring, Texas, and Makenya Graskin, from Atwood. Both state they are specifically excited to learn more about the background of sports networking and prepare for their futures in the career field. “It’s fascinating to understand the background of the bigger teams and how much really goes into it,” said Romero.

In 2022, Bethel’s sports management program worked 16 different sporting events across the country. Greer and Wilson plan to continue building the program and finding new, exciting experiential learning opportunities for their students.

For more information about the sports management program, contact Greer at or 731-352-6313.