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Sports Management Students to work Super Bowl 56 in L.A.

Sports Management SB56 Crew

Big events, big opportunities for Bethel Sports Management students

by Bethel University

Sports Management SB56 Crew

A team of Bethel University Sports Management program students is en route to Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles where they will serve as volunteers during pre- and post-celebratory events leading up to and after the game.

This is the third consecutive year that a group led byAssistant Professor and Coordinator of Sports Management Josh Greer will travel to the host city to work events surrounding the game.

“These opportunities are not given and should not be taken for granted. We are blessed to have built such a dynamic program in such a short time frame. Our students are always wanting to get involved and volunteer for local and national events,” Greer said.

The unique learning opportunities these trips offer is recognized by the participating students. The goal is to set students up for success post-Bethel by providing key networking opportunities with industry professionals and hands-on involvement.

“I use the term theory to practice. We learn the appropriate information in the classroom and then we apply to these opportunities,” Greer said.

Greer said that normally only about 20-25 universities nationwide participate in these major events.

“Certain things that I have always wanted to go to are now becoming available for me to go and it is honestly surreal,” said student William Lee.

Groups led by Greer have also volunteered at College Football Playoff National Championship games, NFL drafts, Tennessee Titans games and will work the Final Four for the first time this year.

He credits relationships that he’s built over the years as key to getting Bethel involved.

“For me, it started with my alumni networking with the United States Sports Academy. Once I got my foot in the door, I started branching out my network and eventually teams and organizations started contacting me,” Greer said.

It’s also thanks in part to these partnerships that Bethel students participate in these trips at no out-of-pocket cost to themselves or their families.

“The University supports our students and has budgeted money to assist students. We have also partnered with the Tennessee Titans ticket sales office to receive a percentage of the tickets sold for the regular season games. We will continue to do this next year too,” Greer said.

“This value adds a ton to my college experience. There’s not many people in college that can say, ‘Hey I got to be a part of the Super Bowl and work it,’” said student Matthew Ellis.

“I also thank Bethel as a whole. Without the support and prayer, we would never be able to make this happen. So, I thank everyone that helps and allows us to do these events to provide experience for our resumes.”

“All of the events we’ve done continue to build on what is needed for a future career, so as we continue to go to events it’s important to keep learning and remember why we chose this field for our future,” said student Joseph Cascarano.

Greer has leveraged these occasions and outcomes to grow the program into one of the largest in the state, growth that led to the brand-new addition of a Sports Management concentration to its MBA portfolio.

Visit Bethel University’s website to learn more about Bethel University’s Sports Management program.

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