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Trust the Program, Encouragement from PA 2020 Graduate

PA grads

I felt prepared. I’m thankful for all the professors that prepared us.

by Bethel University

PA grads

Congratulations to my fellow Bethel University Physician Assistant 2020 graduates! I wanted to reflect on the last three years of PA school and share some encouragement to current and future students.

Didactic year—need I say more. Learning necessary science foundations, introductory clinical methods and concepts of research were needed, but one of the hardest things mentally that I have put myself through. There might have been a few tears shed during this time. Don’t worry, it gets better, though!

Clinical year finally arrived where I got to practice my skills on real patients. Every few weeks, we would end a rotation and learn a new specialty. Then the third year came around, and clinicals were the best because I was in the specialty that I wanted to be in—orthopedic surgery!

I’m so thankful for the friends and roommates that I met at Bethel, who encouraged me, spoke truth in my life, and helped me get through the PA program. I am thankful that God placed those people in my life.

For future PA students, trust the classes, trust the process of really hard rotations because it’s making you a better student and test taker and trust the process that Bethel is leading you down the right path. Because this all prepares you for the exam that matters the most, the PANCE. Most students walk out of that exam sick to their stomach because it was the hardest thing. I didn’t feel that way at all—I felt prepared. I’m so thankful for all the professors that prepared us even though it was hard at the time, but it paid off.

The 27 months of PA school will push you to the limits, and some days you will not feel that you have the strength to keep going, but trust the process and believe in the Bethel program to get you through it.

Amber Marlett
Bethel University PA Program
2020 Graduate

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