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Undergraduate Student Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

We know that cost is one of the main factors you take into account when choosing where to go to school. Bethel is committed to bringing transparency to educational expenses and helping you find financial aid.

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Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

On this page, you'll find costs for traditional undergraduate students attending the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Health Studies, and the College of Professional Studies. If you have any questions or need help finding and applying for financial aid, the Bethel University Financial Aid Office is here to help.

For more information on Undergraduate Financial Aid, click here.

Summer 2020 Tuition for College of Arts and Sciences Students

Bethel University offers our summer courses at half the price of normal tuition! We love encouraging learning throughout the summer season whether you are catching up or getting ahead. 

Tuition is $238 per credit hour.

For Summer 2020, all courses are online. For complete course offerings, go here.

Current Bethel students, contact your adviser to register for summer courses.

Non-Bethel students, apply online here.

(Excludes Nursing and Physician Assistant summer tuition).

College of Arts and Sciences

Tuition and Fees for College of Arts and Sciences Students for 2020-2021

  • Regular Students

    Full Time (12-17 Hrs)

  • Tuition


  • Room (Double) and Meals (room options available)






  • This does not reflect all costs associated with attendance.

  • Percentage of Undergraduate Students Receiving Financial Aid of Any Kind 100%

College of Arts and Science Fees

  • Application Fee


  • Mandatory Fees (per semester)


  • Room Deposit


  • Graduation Fee


  • Drop/Add Fee

    $25 per form

  • Audit a class

    $238 per credit hour (Free if over age 65)

  • Challenge Exam Credit

    $80 per credit hour

Part-Time Student Tuition for Traditional Undergraduate Students

  • Part-time Undergraduate Tuition (1-11 credit hours)

    $476 per credit hour

  • Incidental Fee Part Time

    $53 per credit hour

  • Drop/Add Fee

    $25 per form

  • Audit a class

    $238 per credit hour (Free if over age 65)

  • Challenge Exam Credit

    $80 per credit hour

Barnes and Noble Book Fee

$30 per credit hour

Students enrolled in on-campus undergraduate programs will be charged for books based on their registered number of credit hours. PAR courses are excluded from this charge. Students can choose to opt-out through student ePortal no later than August 3, 2020. For more information on the opting out guidelines of the Barnes and Noble Book Fee charge, please refer to your student ePortal. (NUR courses are not included in this fee). 

Housing for Undergraduate On-Campus Students

  • Room Rates



  • Private (Single) Room (West, McDonald)



  • Private (Single) Room (Prosser, University, and Heritage)



  • Double Room (West, McDonald, and Wildcat Cove)



  • Double Room (Prosser, University, and Heritage)



Private rooms must be paid in full by financial aid or out of pocket prior to moving in.

Visit Housing

Meals Rates for Undergraduate On-Campus Students

  • Meal Rates:



  • Mandatory if in dorm



Other meal plan options are listed below.

If classes are confirmed in the student ePortal before selecting a meal plan, the default plan rate will be automatically selected and cannot be changed.

Full Meal Plan

This plan offers the lowest cost per meal and guarantees meals on a regular basis.

  • Meals per Week*.................19
  • Dining Bucks**.....................$0.00
  • Cost per Semester............$1,777.00

100 Block Meal Plan

Designed for commuters and students residing at Wildcat Cove who wish to eat in the Dining Hall or at other locations on campus as their schedule permits.

  • Total Meals*.......................100
  • Dining Bucks**..................$130.00
  • Cost per Semester..........$965.00

50 Block Meal Plan

Designed for commuters who only wish to eat in the Dining Hall or at other locations on campus as their schedule permits.

  • Total Meals*.........................50
  • Dining Bucks**....................$60.00
  • Cost per Semester............$511.00

15 Meal Plan

Designed for students who rarely eat breakfast or are absent from campus on the weekends.

  • Meals per Week*................15
  • Dining Bucks**...................$80.00
  • Cost per Semester..........$1,699.00

10 Meal Plan

Designed for students who may skip a meal during the week and who travel on the weekend.

  • Meals per Week*................10
  • Dining Bucks**...................$200.00
  • Cost per Semester...........$1,719.00

5 Meal Plan

Designed for commuters and on-campus students whose schedule only permits them to eat in the Dining Hall once a day (student teachers, for example) or who would rather eat at another location on campus.

  • Meals per Week*.................5
  • Dining Bucks**....................$475.00
  • Cost per Semester............$1,487.00

* In the Dining Hall

** Can be used at any dining location on campus; expire at the end of each semester; no rollover.

Visit Dining

Health Insurance for Undergraduate Traditional Students

International students are required to purchase Bethel Health Insurance.
International Insurance: $1,873 per academic year

Domestic students who cannot provide satisfactory proof of insurance will be charged an annual insurance fee. Students MUST OPT-OUT ONLINE at to avoid this charge. You will need to print and keep a confirmation page as proof of action. Proof of insurance card alone will not void this charge.
Domestic Insurance: $1,873 per academic year

Insurance fees must be paid in full by Financial Aid or out of pocket prior to class start or Athletic/Renaissance participation, whichever begins first.

Overload Hour Charge for Undergraduate Traditional Students

Overload hour charge: $476 per credit hour for every hour over 17

Exempt from overload charge: MUP courses, PAR courses, Theater Practicum, REL 210, REL 310, REL 410, ESL Skills Workshop, MUS 380, MUS 381, MUS 480, MUS 481, COE 250

Class Fees:

  • Applied Music Fees (MUP courses / Private Music Lessons) $135 per credit hour
  • HEA 312: First Aid $40
  • HEA 330: Prevention Care of Athletic Injuries $30
  • PED 100: Martial Arts $50
  • HSC 230: Emergency Care in Sport and Physical Activity $35

College of Health Sciences

RN to BSN Tuition and Fees

  • Application Fee


  • RN to BSN (Online Degree)

    $377 per credit hour

  • Graduation Fee


  • Drop Fee

    $25 per course

College of Professional Studies

Adult Undergraduate and Associates Degree Programs

  • Undergraduate and Associates

    $373 per credit hour

  • Application Fee


  • Graduation Fee


  • Drop Fee

    $25 per course

Undergraduate Financial Aid
Graduate Program Tuition and Fees

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